Further explanation for Forceful Blue's origin.

Created by SpiderBitten, 2 y 5 mo 6 d ago.

I made further explanation for my OC's origin.

Long ago, when life was still new, there was a battle between light and darkness throughout the omniverse. Light won, but before the Darkness split the light into 3. After the darkness retreated, the 3 lights discovered they each 1 aspect of all their almighty powers. Red, the mind and soul. Green, the key and the elements. And blue, the body of energy. The 3 light transformed themselves into 3 eternal fireballs. After many millennia, 2000 years ago, they found that the darkness would return, and would be able to exploit the disadvantaged lights of their split minds. So, they forged a giant crystal infused with all their powers, and shot it into space, in hopes a champion will help defeat the darkness once and for all, reverted back to being flames. Throughout time, the crystal was too split into 3 colors, then those 3 colors were split and scattered throughout the cosmos. Most parts as slight microdust, and 3 big pieces remained intact. And soon enough the 3 crystals crashed onto separate worlds, where 3 lifeforms, by fate, made contact with each one, and become champions.

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