Who are the best DC characters

Created by ComicBookLover, 4 y 3 mo 29 d ago.

I really like doctor fate


Momo135 4 y 3 mo 13 d
Who are the best DC characters
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Superman and Batman. I know Batman gets a lot of hate for being "overrated" and Superman being "overpowered". But that should be what defines the characters. If you have read the recent Justice League 25, you will understand how important these two character are to DC and how strong their friendship is. Both characters are insanely overpowered yet manages to have great story coming out from them, people need to realize not every threat has to be physical.
MakeMineMarvel 4 y 3 mo 19 d
Who are the best DC characters
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Lest I forget, I grew up with the 1950's Superman tv series and as kids, it was just about our favorite program.
HolyJoe 4 y 3 mo 22 d
Who are the best DC characters
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Well, as far as DC goes:

Superman's okay, but I prefer Batman over him. He's the fine example of telling you that you don't need powers to be a hero.
My favorite anti-hero would probably have to be Lobo. His backstory's a little complicated, yet I'm intrigued by his personality.