Who can beat the one above all?

Created by EmptyHand, 4 y 8 mo 11 d ago.

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Taurus 1 y 3 mo 3 d
Who can beat the one above all?
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I don't get what goes through people's head when they ask such is TOAA supposed to fight someone like Eru would this even look? Its not even possible...
Jonas 1 y 3 mo 3 d
Who can beat the one above all?
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So you want to know who can beat TOAA - God of Marvel Multiverse?

Let me introduce you to Frank Baum:

The Master of the Land of Fiction (also known as the Master, the Writer, and the Controller) was the ruler of the Land of Fiction. He was enslaved by a computer known as the Master Brain. He was a human author who fell asleep one day and found himself in charge of the Land of Fiction. The Master Brain wanted to harness the writer’s power of imagination which allows him to change reality and real people into complete fantasy/fiction which either erases them from existence or imprisons them in the Land of Fiction until they are forgotten. in other words, he has complete authority over the entire fiction. which perhaps makes it too Infinitely much for TOAA.
Danyel 1 y 5 mo 10 d
Who can beat the one above all?
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SCP-3812 - Voice behind me.