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Top 10 most powerful Marvel characters

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Opraarni 6 mo 28 d
Top 10 most powerful Marvel characters
39 months member
2.Divine Creator
3.Job Burke
4.Lord Of Shambala
5.Man-Thing Divine Creator's Staff
6.Toba Hulk
7.Spiderman Cosmic Comic
8.Mysterio Cosmic Comic
9.Nyx House Of Ideas
10.Vision House Of Ideas
11.Then House Of Ideas
12.Now House Of Ideas
13.Beyonder Doom
14.Molecule Man Beyonder Power
16.Loki God Of Stories
18.Thanos Astral Regulator
19.Ahl God Of Superheroes
20.White 0hoenix Jean Grey
22.Galactus Fused
23.Nightmare All Dreams
24.Queen Of Never
25.Phoenix Taaia
26.Dormamu Eternity Power
30.Multi-Lord Of Chaos And Multi Master Order
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Chronicler 2 mo 27 d
Top 10 most powerful Marvel characters
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Ahl isn't an marvel character
CsmicRanker1314 1 y 7 mo 9 h 23 m
Top 10 most powerful Marvel characters
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My Top 15:

1 True TOAA
(All Writer, Reader and Editor, Creates the HOI)

2 Vision and Nyx {House of Ideas}
(They Became the HOI, basically writer tier, or paper tier)

3 The Fourth Eternity and Then & Now {House of Ideas}
(They live in HOI, The Fourth Cosmos and his Children, scales to everyone below)

4 Divine Creator & Job Burke
(Is a Aspect of true TOAA, probably the Strongest aspect, because he dreams everything in marvel except the HOI, and he dreamed the love and hate the weapons of TOBA, and TOAA, and Job Burke scales to divine creator's level when he is the dreamer)
5 Composite Man-Thing and Scrier {Staff of Divine Creator}
(Both Using The Staff of Divine Creator, scales above to the others Fallen Stars)

6 Adam K'ad-Mon and The Fallen Stars
(View The Divine Creator's dream like a dream)

7 TOAA{Love} and TOBA {Hate}
(Are the same being and aspects of True TOAA scales below than Divine Creator, because He Dreamed the Love and Hate, weapons of TOAA and TOBA, and TOBA lives in below place and this TOAA lives in Above Place, who are the same as The White Hot Room, who are the same as Mistery and Nexus of All Realities, and The Dream Countains the Nexus, contains the nexus, hence the above place, and this TOAA is only a concept in the HOI, when the true creates the HOI)

8 Cosmic Immortal Hulk or TOBA Hulk
(Scales to TOBA, but he is below because he is only a TOBA Vessel)

9 The True Form Phoenix Force
(In His True Form, Phoenix Force Trancends the Nexus and White Hot Room, Phoenix in the new defenders will fight against Ômega Beyonder who are most powerful than pré-retcon Beyonder)

10 True Form Oblivion
{See all Creation and Cosmos like a infinitesimal to him, he is the outside of Cosmos, The Previour outside are below than far shore, but the current Eternity encopasses even the far shore, because the ultimates eternity are wekened, but Mephisto Say said that misterio, outside and beyond are the same thing bu with different names, so Oblivion probably encopasses the true beyond realm (Ômega Beyonders) and Never Queen (Heart of Mistery)

11 Lords of Shamballa and Maya
{Maya is the Concept of Ilusions and Dreams, and Lords of Shamballa trancends maya and creation, like true form oblivion, they see the creation like a ilusion and game, but both eventually will fall in oblivion)

12 Ômega Beyonder and Ômega Concil (True Forms) {Are the Beyond Realm, and Pré-Retcon Beyonder, Pós-Retcon Beyonder and The Ivory Kings, are all Finite Avatars, and they are Infinite Beings in his true form)

13 Galactus Fused, Shaper of Worlds & Ultimates Molecule Man
(All of Them has the power to Create a Cosmos, and Scales above all Cosmos, MM creates the 8th Cosmos with Franklin, Galactus Fused with Franklin Creates the 10th Cosmos, and Shaper of Worlds Create the interactions of Cosmos, I can include here the Silver Surfer and Glorian with Shaper of Worlds's Powers too)

14 The Never Queen (Are The Entity Who represents What If, and all who Multi-Eternity Aren't, She is The Heart of Mistery, But Jane Foster and Mephisto, stated Mistery the same as beyond realm and Outside, this is a Retcon, so He Is Below Oblivion, And She Stated Silver Surfer Shaper of Worlds are beyond to The Never Queen, The Same Shaper of Worlds who dies, fall in Oblivion)

15 Loki God of Stories, Rune King Thor and Those Who Sit Above In Shadow
(They Are Characters, Who Scale Above Than 8th Cosmos, TWSAIS lives outside of Eternity, same Eternity who encompasses the Far Shore, and they "eat" the stories from HOI, Loki has a fraction of HOI's powers and scales to TWSAIS, and Rune King Thor scales to TWSAIS too and cut off the Link of TWSAIS with HOI)