True Power Levels of MCU and DCEU characters

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There are easily a lot of underrated characters in the MCU and DCEU such as Aquaman and many other characters from DCEU or MCU.
You must list their incredible feats like how much they can carry, what they can do, and etc to describe why they are stronger than they look or seem.


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True Power Levels of MCU and DCEU characters
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He Who remains: Is he a tier one cause of durability or tier 6 because he can control the sacred timeline?
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True Power Levels of MCU and DCEU characters
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idk about that
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True Power Levels of MCU and DCEU characters
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Ghost-Rider (Agents of Shield) : It was confirmed by Kevin Feige that Agents of Shield and Marvels Runaways is actually canon to the MCU so don't ask why Ghost-Rider is on this forum at all. Ghost-Rider is actually pretty strong and powerful. The spirit of vengeance could easily punch through Vibranium as in Agents of Shield Ghost-Rider was trapped in a Vibranium cage which hulk could only make a dent in but Ghost-Rider didn't even sweat. Not even Mjolnir could break through Captain America's shield so just imagine how powerful Ghost-Rider is in strength. Ghost-Rider is also pretty durable as he was blown up with a bomb stronger than this worlds strongest nuclear bomb which yields 102 megatons so thats an interesting feat for him so far besides punching vibranium and breaking it without a sweat. Ghost-Rider isn't fast compared to some characters he can still comapre to a few of the greatest heroes and villains in speed of combat skills. Going on to abilities, Ghost-Rider can manipulate Hellfire which even the best of best people with the best healing factors couldn't even heal from it physically and it is rare to even survive it. He of course immune to Hellfire as the hellfire on his skull shows. He can summon weapons and his favorite weapon of course is his chain which he ignites with hellfire to make it just as durable as he is. Ghost-Rider can also use his hellfire to make vehicles or what he rides in faster. He can also see spirits and souls which would Doctor Strange a difficult time even fighting him too.