Powerful characters

Created by Jakcj, 1 mo 5 d ago.

One of the most annoying things about debating is that we have to use one of the most powerful form of character in a duel just to create a debate. Not gonna lie to you this is where debates start getting toxic. When we debate about who is the most powerful character and we use this to fight other universes. I send this to all users to understand that we should start using other characters to use our knowledge because it's boring. Why would you start by debating with the most powerful character in the verse you like vs a character that is way more interesting than that character. These overpowered characters are just too valued and I ask you all just to stop being biased towards it because when you start being biased then we get comments like "This character stomps." "Fodder" Like come on bro we need to be more productive and more comprehensive.

I hope you all have read this and understand what i am truly saying to you. Let's keep this website clean and safe. I don't want this website becoming the next comic vine or the next Reddit where we all start becoming a circle jerk. We are a different site from those two and in my opinion we are way better community than those 2 sites I have just mentioned. Please keep Superhero Database clean people. Thank you and have a good day to all who have read this.


Powerful characters
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Can you give an example?
Fii 1 mo 4 d
Powerful characters
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I agree
Powerful characters
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Most of dem Saitama, Goku, Superman fights end like that in most social medias. Thankfully this site's much clean in that factor, essentially the very reason of this site to exist,to provide info on those factors on db, I believe