Who is the most powerful charecter(s) in fiction?

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Who is the most powerful charecter(s) in fiction?
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Who is the most powerful charecter(s) in fiction?
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here are some only the 5 characters that are at the Highest Tier of all fiction indexed by me:

1. SCP-3812 (SCP-Foundation) is entity which transcends the entirety and hierarchy of the SCP universe, and can view everyone and everything as mere fictional creations; replacing everything on all kinds of levels, he is more and more beyond anything or even the idea that his existence or his power is impossible/improbable. Also SCP-3812 is eternal self-transcedence entity, remains in constant ascent, and after transcending all foundation piles of hierarchical reality and narrative, it will not stop transcending, ascending endlessly. When Sam Howell supersedes all works of verse, he will have full control over the entire stack and layers of narrative reality of all his poems, and is henceforth the new writer and also holder of the position of Maximum Author of the SCP Foundation.

2. Dreaming God (Alpha Mythos) also known as Foundational Mind, prime amaranth is entity which through his endless dream holds All network of infinite Imaginary Worlds in Yggdrasils branching from the Cosmic World Trees, in which Spiring the infinite narratives and the Modal Worlds of Fantasy overshadowing All which is definable, undefinable, thinkable, unthinkable. and The Dreaming God serving as an overarching unifying logic that dictates how they interrelate, each thing existing as a visualization of the dreaming god and each Individual Yggdrasil grows from this dreamlike substrate, representing vast interconnected Domain of imagined worlds, characters, stories, etc. Beings who attain enlightenment can become one with The dreaming god gain transcendent insight into the Spring of all fictional worlds.

3. I Am That I Am (World of Darkness) is the overarching unity , represents the supreme being of Judaism, Islam and Christianity in the World of Darkness. He is recognized as the creator of heaven and earth, ruler of all that is visible and invisible. All other gods are considered to be mere secondary manifestations of his divine presence. That entity is the Supreme Creator, whose word brought wholeness into existence from the silence of the Void. Emanations from it gave rise to the gods, angels, spirits and spheres. Yahweh and Shekinah are fundamental manifestations of the Tree of Life, residing in the upper realm. Essential Divinity is the indefinable essence that permeates Creation, from which all deities arise. She transcends names and definitions, and any attempt to assign her an identity results in something less than her true nature.

4. SCP-CN-2510 -Absolute Boundless Supernormal State (SCP Foundation; chinese Branch) is a phenomenon initially identified as such, but later revealed to be a singular entity. This entity has demonstrated the remarkable ability to neutralize all anomalies present throughout SCP cosmology, encompassing not only those already known, but also those unknown and even those that have not yet been conceived.

5. The Supreme Archetype (The Cthulhu Mythos) is an all-encompassing entity that exists as an integrating unit, where "All in One and One in All" converge into one limitless being. It plays the role of the vital essence of all existence, including the "Ultimate Mystery" that underlies all things, phenomena and manifestations in which the "Archetypes" themselves participate. The "Supreme Archetype" encompasses even the "Supreme Abyss" and its transcendent inhabitants, as facets of itself, including entities such as "Azathoth" and "Yog-Sothoth". Given the meaning attributed to "Azzy" and "Yog" in the Cthulhu Mythos, it is also possible to speculate that these two entities represent manifestations of the "Supreme Archetype" itself..
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Who is the most powerful charecter(s) in fiction?
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@TheEmperor50 Why is a nigh omnipotent character above an omnipotent one ?