Most powerful energy beams

Created by Galactus, 3 y 8 mo 19 d ago.

I would like to see a top 5/10 of characters (hero or villain) with the most powerful energy beams.
Some examples; Cyclops, Superman's Heat Vision, Darkseid, Iron Man's Repulsor beams, etc.


ManofPower 3 y 8 mo 15 d
Most powerful energy beams
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I feel like The Living Tribunal's cosmic beams would be the most powerful.
Galactus 3 y 8 mo 19 d
Most powerful energy beams
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A quick top 7 I could come up with;

1. Darkseid’s Omega Beam
2. Destroyer’s Beams
3. Cyclops’ Optic Blast
4. Superman’s Heat Vision
5. Sentry’s Photokinesis
6. Havoc Plasma Blast
7. Iron Man’s Uni Beam
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ThorMathews 3 y 8 mo 19 d
Most powerful energy beams
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Destroyers beam is above Supermans and Cyclops