Top 10 Most Durable Heroes

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To clarify, durability is taking punishment without harm, it's separate from a healing factor. Just changed this to only heroes


ThorMathews 2 y 8 mo 12 d
Top 10 Most Durable Heroes
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1. Hulk
2. Silver Surfer
3. Thor
4. Superman
5. Orion
6. Sentry
7. Shazam
8. Beta Ray Bill
9. Martian Manhunter
10. Hercules
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Tyrannus 3 y 2 mo 22 d
Top 10 Most Durable Heroes
54 months member
1. Doomsday - Has now evolved to withstand almost any attack at this point.
2. Thanos - Barely fazed by a warrior madness, power stone wielding Thor and the Champion.
3. Hulk - Tanked hit from anti-matter canon.
4. Thor - Tanked hits from Hulk and Thanos.
5. Orion - Taken hits from an angered Superman and Darkseid while almost having the upper hand.
6. Shazam - Survives tesseract bomb which would have killed the rest of the League.
7. Superman - Survives Imperiex probe detonations and omega beams.
8. Juggernaut - Was meant to be practically unstoppable.
9. Darkseid - Tanked several hits from amped pre-crisis Superman and Supergirl.
10. Wonder Woman - Took hits from a solar charged Superman and won.
HolyJoe 3 y 2 mo 25 d
Top 10 Most Durable Heroes
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Hellboy. It takes giants and monsters to put the guy down for good. Even then he still comes back from the dead.