Which Amalgam is the Most Dangerous?

Created by BlotskyA, 14 d ago.

Now this can also be Fan-Made Amalgams, Explain which Amalgam is the most Dangerous of your own or from the Amalgam Comics


BlotskyA 14 d
Which Amalgam is the Most Dangerous?
For Me, It's Harley Enchantress (Harley Quinn + Amora The Enchantress)

Here's why, Harley Enchantress is a Brutal ruthless Person, who kills People makes fun of it, She also has Magic that can Decrease Speed of others, Has Magic spells that allowed her to become as strong as World War Hulk, She is a brilliant Strategized, She is a very skilled Fight, etc, from this Alone, She is Easliy the Most Dangerous Hybrid I Created
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