Name of this Superhero.

Created by TheGreatEater, 7 y 11 mo 28 d ago.

I used to have a comic with a hero that I thought was awesome. But I can't seem to remember his name, and the comic with him in it was stolen about 20 yrs ago. So I thought I'd start asking around.
Anyway. It's set up in either Arizona or New Mexico [I remember the first comic had a desert in it with some cacti. I really want to say it was in AZ though.]. This guy gets hit by a Military Satellite beam accidentally and it ends up giving him super powers.
His skin goes dark, and is surrounded by fire. He has the ability of Flight, and Fire Manipulation.
That's all that was really in the first comic [only had that one].
Ring any bells with anyone?


Jongensoden 3 y 11 mo 28 d
Name of this Superhero.
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Tyrannus 3 y 11 mo 28 d
Name of this Superhero.
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He'd remember Superman.