Rip Offs vs Originals

Created by sonyablade, 2 y 16 d ago.

Like in some cases the rip-off franchises/characters come out much cooler than the originals so this doesn't just have to be a stockpile of arguments with bias enthusing about the originals.

This does not only have to be about characters, It can also be whole franchises/universes/videogame/movie/series rip-offs against the original buildup.

This is basically who would win in a fight, but also whose story is better written, more successful, or contains better ideas than the other.

Oh and yall can also include stuff that are not direct ripoffs but share enough borrowed ideas to qualify. Even if it's your personal observation


Alien_X 2 y 15 d
Rip Offs vs Originals
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Who here's got rip offs as at least half of their OC's?
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Rip Offs vs Originals
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What are OCs?
MoNsTeR 2 y 15 d
Rip Offs vs Originals
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@shit original character