Batman IS Prep Time (read description)

Created by Taurus, 10 mo 21 d ago.

But in all seriousness, Batman himself is just one big amount of prep time. His fighting skills, muscles, detective skills, suit, its all just one fat prep time. So Batman with no prep time is technically Bruce Wayne.


Ezio 10 mo 21 d
Batman IS Prep Time (read description)
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You can say this about all characters without superpower. That way, even the time Atom or Iron man spend building their suit should be considered part of the preparation time.
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Taurus 10 mo 21 d
Batman IS Prep Time (read description)
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Exactly. But it goes further than that. What about people who made a serum for themselves? The only people who are exempt from this "purging" are Superheroes born with powers, or who were randomly "gifted" them.
Galactus 10 mo 20 d
Batman IS Prep Time (read description)
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Even those born with superpowers have to learn to use them. Just like you learned how to walk and speak, etc.