Top 10 most powerful characters in Marvel and DC

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Opraarni 10 mo 3 d
Top 10 most powerful characters in Marvel and DC
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2.Divine Creator
3.Job Burke
4.Lord Of Shambala
5.Man-Thing Divine Creator's Staff
6.Toba Hulk
7.Spiderman Cosmic Comic
8.Mysterio Cosmic Comic
9.Nyx House Of Ideas
10.Vision House Of Ideas
11.Then House Of Ideas
12.Now House Of Ideas
13.Beyonder Doom
14.Molecule Man Beyonder Power
16.Loki God Of Stories
18.Thanos Astral Regulator
19.Ahl God Of Superheroes
20.White 0hoenix Jean Grey
22.Galactus Fused
23.Nightmare All Dreams
24.Queen Of Never
25.Phoenix Taaia
26.Dormamu Eternity Power
30.Multi-Lord Of Chaos And Multi Master Order

Dc Comics:
1.The Presence
2.The Source
3.The Great Darkness
4.Elaine Belloc
6.The Great Evil Beast
7.Spectre Backed By The Presence
8.Lucifer Morningstar
9.Michael Demiurgos
10.Gabriel Hornblower
11.Synnar The Demiurge
12.Empty Hand
13.Animal Man Body Of God
14.Green Lanter God Of Storm
15.God Swamp Thing
16.Fater Time
17.Mother Night
18.The Word
19.Destiny Of The Endless
20.Death Of The Endless
21.Dream Of The Endless
22.Destruction Of The Endless
23.Delirium Of The Endless
24.Desire Of The Endless
25.Despire Of The Endless
26.Walley The God Boy
27.Jason Quantrell
28.Mister Thunderbolt
29.Milkman Man
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Chronicler 7 mo 14 d
Top 10 most powerful characters in Marvel and DC
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@Opraarni where is cosmic raptor chronicler mandrakk cosmic armor superman your list is beyond wrong
CsmicRanker1314 1 y 8 mo 28 d
Top 10 most powerful characters in Marvel and DC
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0 True TOAA
1 The Dreamer Job Burke
2 Lords of Shamballa (True Forms)
3 Composite Man-Thing & Scrier (Staff of Divine Creator)
4 Divine Creator & The Fallen Stars
5 TOAA (Above Place) (Love)/TOBA (Below Place) (Hate)
6 TOBA Hulk
7 HOI Vision
8 HOI Nyx
9 HOI Then/Now
10 True Form Oblivion
HM: Galactus Fused, Never Queen, Phoenix Force, Tiger God, Beyonder, Shaper of Worlds, Molecule Man, Loki GoS, TWSAIS, RKT, Black Winter, Multi-Eternity, The First Firmament

0 True Presence/The Writer
1 The Great Darkness/Pralaya (True Form)
2 Elaine Belloc & Aspects of Presence The Great Light (Overvoid, Source...)
3 Lucifer Mornigstar/Michael Demiurgos
4 Gabriel Hornblower (Sword of Azazel)
5 Spectre (Oversoul/Backet by Presence)
6 Synnar The Demiurge
7 Glory of The First Circle
8 God Swamp-Thing & God Animal Man
9 Mother Night & Father Time
10 The Endless (Destiny, Death, Dream, Destruction, Desire, Despire, Delirium)
HM: The Word, Pariah (Great Darkness), Empty Hand, Infinity Frountier Darkseid, Unkidness Raven, Mandrakk, CAS, The Hands, Perpetua, Dr Manhattan, Golden WW, TDK, Cestis, Fenris, Silk-Man, Others Archangels
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