Goated Alien Species

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Your to 10 Extraterrestrial species from ANY franchise that are just simply badass


Tyrannus 10 mo 16 d
Goated Alien Species
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1. Xenomorpth - When you say alien most people think of xenomorpths now.
2. Predator - As famous as xenomorths and more well known for hunting them.
3. Wookies - Made famous because of Chewbacca from Star Wars.
4. Martians - Martian Manhunter was iconic for being the last Martian from Mars.
5. Krypotonians - Superman. That's it.
6. Klyntar - Venom and Carnage.
7. Skrulls - They invaded.
8. Kree - They fought the Skrulls.
9. Guardians of the Universe - They're actually the reason why most intelligent life has a humanoid form in DC.
10. Kaleesh - General Grievous' species. I'm biased
MaseTheFace 11 mo 1 d
Goated Alien Species
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Martians/Burning Martians (DC comics): Literally had to be nerfed by the Guardians.
Anodite (Ben 10): Pure Energy
Kryptonians (DC comics): I mean...
New Gods (DC comics): Darksied included
Tamaraneans: They're a peaceful race...but Starfire is a badass.
Monitors (DC comics): Causes a Crisis for fun
Watchers (Marvel): Bald stalkers
The Reach (DC): Scarabs
Weeping Angels (Doctor Who): Scary, yet interesting.

Ik that''s only 9 but that's all i feel like doing 😶
sonyablade 11 mo 3 d
Goated Alien Species
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1. Celestialsapiens (Ben 10): Because WHY not?
2. Czarnians (DC): I'm a sucker for Lobo.
3. The Beyonders (Marvel): No explanation needed
4. Jiren's race (Dragon Ball): Assuming Jiren's race is all like him, and it probably is.
5. The Q (Star Trek): I wanna see a war between them and the Celestialsapiens
6: Reapers (Mass Effect): I'm having a hard time defending myself. I just loved these guys
7: The Gems (Steven Universe): Throwback to how Lapis lifted all the water on the planet with a cracked gem. The gems are an overall extremely powerful alien race with the most diverse (and powerful) base powers.
8: The Predators (Predator): I just love these guys
9: Martians (Life, 2017): The only alien movie that actually got under my skin. The alien in this thing was pretty much invulnerable to everything.
10: Xenomorphs (Alien): I still prefer all the aliens above this tho
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