batman is above peak human

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batman is imo superhuman as he dodges lasers which is light speed the omega beams heat seaking missiles he one shots characters like killer croc solomun grundy and deathstroke he takes beatings from wonder woman darkseid and a holding back superman he is smart enough to outsmart omniscience characters he can fight with broken bones and pain only motivates him etc


MoNsTeR 9 mo 4 d
batman is above peak human
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not even peak human can do this
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Tyrannus 1 y 17 d
batman is above peak human
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A lot of those feats are because they were holding back, PIS or just misconstrued. For example Batman never dodged Omega Beams. In Final Crisis the beams do actually "kill" him and in the New 52 Batman just uses a parademon.
abcdefu1788 1 y 18 d
batman is above peak human
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I agree