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I need a name for my character

Created by Ithrian, 4 y 8 mo 3 d ago.

I need name suggestions for my character in an RPG I am planning to play soon.


Ithrian 4 y 8 mo 11 h 58 m
I need a name for my character
56 months member
You have never heard of the OG RPGs. Nah man, you have heard of them, but don't know that is what I am talking about. Dungeons and Dragons started it all, but there are plenty more. Vampire: the Masquerade, Mutants & Masterminds, GURPS, Dark Heresy, and I could go on and on. You have a rule-set which defines a character's characteristics in a framework that allows for conflict between other characters. Dice are often used to determine success or failure in said contests, but mostly it is a backdrop that allows taking on the role of often fantastic characters. The rules make the triumph mean much more because there is a chance of failure. Its why we don't play games on God Mode all the time, because its gets boring quickly. If your character CAN die, its awesome when they don't and you can save the village from the dark sorceress who is trying to control them with spiders in their brains. I have been playing nearly all of them for twenty years. They are great fun. If you are really interested, I can send you suggested reading material.
Dellmamy45 4 y 8 mo 1 d
I need a name for my character
79 months member
I love your character and I love your character's concept. Also from personal experience from my professor who is Catholic and gay you can't be both but he still is, so use that to your advantage in your story. I would love to see the conflict of religion and sexuality. It's more relatable and feel human.
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TheNemianLion 4 y 8 mo 1 d
I need a name for my character
81 months member
I can relate to the character as I on occasion have gay thoughts, although I would never act upon them or even get off to them, due to the fact that I am so strong of a Catholic, but they don't really bother to me, due to the fact that I GREATLY prefer women over men without a second thought, so I guess that would make me Heteroflexible, but I've never really paid attention to it, because really, I don't care.