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How strong is Superman what is his strongest feat and how fast is flash what is his fastest feat and how strong is hulk what is his strongest feat


Akephalos 4 y 2 mo 21 d
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If considering Lifting Strength:

In the Final Crisis event Superman (New Earth/Post Infinite Crisis) and Captain Marvel (from a parallel Earth) held together a book with infinite pages. (Infinite because it was suposeddly all books ever written and that are going to be written combined) Infinite, even if divided by 2, is still infinite.
In some Justice League special comic Superman (New Earth/Post Zero Hour) and Wonder Woman lifted together Spectre wich supposedly bears the weight of Eternity itself. Eternity, even if divided by 2, is still Eternity.
These are the most absurd ones I can remember. I actually had a list... I'll find it and post a more complete answer properly later.

Although I don't know that much about the Flash outside of crossovers and Justice League or other titles comics, I know that he could race even trough space, travel trough time, across dimensions and even across the Multiverse. Check out Pre-Crisis Flash (Barry), specialy his races against Superman. Wally West had a lot of crazy feats too.

Hulk was one of my favorite Marvel characters when I costumed to read Marvel more, but I'm admitedly much more interested in DC and way more knowledgeable in DC'S lore than Marvel's. Can't truly help with that Hulk one.
EmptyHand 4 y 2 mo 21 d
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Supermans strongest feat would be punching time and space itself
Tyrannus 4 y 2 mo 22 d
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They all continue to break these feats quite often so it's hard to say