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Characters with wasted potential

Created by Jongensoden, 2 y 4 mo 13 d ago.

Name your list and how you would fix them.


vcowles77 2 y 4 mo 7 d
Characters with wasted potential
38 months member
Powergirl Doesn't have an accurate origin story to be honest with you guys around here.
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Tyrannus 2 y 4 mo 7 d
Characters with wasted potential
56 months member
Noob Saibot in MK9 and MK11.

Bi Han was beating gods back when he was Sub-Zero. He was (to my knowledge) the only person who consistently could. Coming back as a spectre should have made him better like it did Scorpion.

Kung Lao lost to Scorpion who struggled against Bi Han. Yet somehow he beats Noob.
Losing to Kuai Liang is stupid. Bi Han was the best the Lin Kuai had to offer. That included Kuai Liang as Tundra.
NightWolf BFR'd him.
Losing to Jax was absolute BS. Plain and simple.
Fujin was about to be closed up in the portal but somehow (plot armour) he escapes. Then Fujin lies about his loss to Bi Han as Sub-Zero.

I want to see Bi Han get a good few noticeable wins as Noob Saibot. And also an explanation as to why he's been so trash since becoming a wraith.
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Mr_Incognito 2 y 4 mo 7 d
Characters with wasted potential
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Never agreed so much with a statement in my life.