Top 10 Healing Factors

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List your opinion of the top ten healing factors in comics


ArdaX000991 2 y 11 mo 9 d
Top 10 Healing Factors
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5.Black flash
6.Solomon grundy
Savage 2 y 11 mo 22 d
Top 10 Healing Factors
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Okay guys, I re-made my list. Who's ready for the ultimate list?
25. Daken (wolverine style healing factor, not many feats though)
24. Mister Sinister (can regrow from basically nothing, not unkillable level though)
23. Suicide (he's the weakest unkillable)
22. She-Hulk (hulk style healing factor,)
21. Scavenger (better feats than she-hulk)
20. Apocalypse (can control his body's molecules)
19. Skaar (hulk style healing factor)
18. Victor Slaughter (listed as an unkillable, not as powerful as others though)
17. Red Hulk (hulk style healing factor)
16. Night Raven (in theory weaker than Yi Yang)
15. Yi Yang (even age doesn't kill her, and she has good feats)
14. Mortigan Goth (I could argue him above Juggernaut, but overall he's not)
13. Juggernaut (insanely advanced magic healing factor, can anyone give me reasons he's any higher though?)
12. Harry Sikes (Juggernaut isn't immortal, so Harry Sikes is above him)
11. Deadpool (could be above the next two depending on how you measure healing factors)
10. X-23 (changed my mind, Logan's healing factor actually improves with time, I was wrong before)
9. Sabretooth (he used to have a better healing factor than logan, so he's above X-23, but not anymore)
8. Hulk (It's the hulk)
7. Madcap (this guy doesn't even feel pain, and he really can't seem to be killed, he heals from everything)
6. Wolverine (I feel like no explanation is needed)
5. Mr. Immortal (idk why he's not on other lists, he can heal from anything even after he dies, if hulk dies he's dead)
4. Thulsa Doom (goddamn, he's practically unkillable, he heals from anything unless his bones are separated by space and time)
3. Sentry (matter manipulation and molecular manipulation, he would be impossible to kill, and heals almost instantly)
2. Adam Warlock (pretty much all the same things as Sentry, plus Adam Warlock also exists outside of death)
1. Elixir (can't die, has in the past raised 16 million people from the dead instantly)
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ARC08 2 y 11 mo 21 d
Top 10 Healing Factors
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oh wow thats perfecto