most inspirational comic superhero?

Created by ultron, 1 y 1 mo 14 d ago.

imo he is batman he shows u how nothing is impossible and if u have the right mindset u can achieve ur goals he is just a human yet he fights gods


Taurus 1 y 29 d
most inspirational comic superhero?
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xerodeep 1 y 1 mo 6 d
most inspirational comic superhero?
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Spider-Man (I know...shocker!) - not the strongest or most powerful and screws up plenty but always tries to do the right thing and never gives up. Never backs down from far superior opponents power-wise as well but just seems to find a way!
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Jakcj 1 y 1 mo 6 d
most inspirational comic superhero?
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This is all about opinions in this forum discussion. I like Spider-Man but like you said he can be a knuckle head. He does the right things of integrity. Though he failed to save Gwen Stacy after that fight with the Green Goblin. Even his Uncle Ben told him "With Great power comes great responsibility." If I were to look into Spiderman's life right now. I would tell him keep your friends out of your life as Spiderman or more people will get hurt. The more friends he makes that knows he's Spiderman the more Peter will get hurt knowing that they have been killed or sufficiently injured.