Movies you are upset about

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Have any movies that have come out or have been out recently really disappointed you


Taurus 2 mo 4 d
Movies you are upset about
1) Endgame (over-hyped to say the least)
2) Justice League (big let down, and I'm a Marvel fan)
3) Infinity War (no Hulk)
4) Black Widow (Endgame/Corona ruined this)
5) Captain Marvel (is like the guy who pushes into every conversation even though he only likes to talk sh*t)

Old Movies V V

6) The Incredible Hulk (incredible let down)
7) The Hulk (let down)
8) Thor the Dark World (ew)
9) Iron Man II (useless)
10) Iron Man III (bad plot)
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Wic23 3 mo 13 d
Movies you are upset about
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2019-2020 has produced barely anything that should qualify as a movie
Michealdem17 3 mo 14 d
Movies you are upset about
Justice league biggest disappointment ever
IamMoonKnight 3 mo 14 d
Movies you are upset about
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The new mutants looks terrible. When I watched the first trailer of it. It looked jocular. There wasn't an intense feeling.

Anyways you didn't have to create a forum about this.