Thoughts on Hawkeye?

Created by wade, 2 y 5 mo 25 d ago.

I really enjoyed it!


Galactus 2 y 4 mo 23 d
Thoughts on Hawkeye?
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I've watched it the other day and I was pleasantly surprised. It's like watching a long movie in parts. The production value is of a triple A movie. Me watching it with my projector (110" screen) might have helped with the movie feeling.
The story was somewhat predictable. I knew what was going on by ep 2. That didn't bother me at all. I loved the movie tie-in with Black Widow
The action scenes were great. The comedy wasn't over the top and was well balanced.

Wilson Fisk is one tough m.f. He's one of my favourite MCU villains (best TV-MCU villain), so I'm happy to see him again.

Hawkeye might beat the nr1 spot of MCU series for me (Dare Devil) or at least be nr 2.

Six episodes weren't enough!
DeanDinosaur6 2 y 5 mo 24 d
Thoughts on Hawkeye?
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I thought it was great
wade 2 y 5 mo 25 d
Thoughts on Hawkeye?
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I just started Daredevil, excited to see how it ties into the MCU