Why did Godzilla _____ Kong? (SPOILERS)

Created by SuperSomebody, 2 y 10 mo 10 d ago.

Why did Godzilla spare Kong when he could have killed him?


UnusOf2029 2 y 10 mo 9 d
Why did Godzilla _____ Kong? (SPOILERS)
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So the movie industry could milk out Kong for more money-duh.
vonKonigsberg 2 y 10 mo 10 d
Why did Godzilla _____ Kong? (SPOILERS)
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Honestly, I don't think Godzilla would've spared Kong after the latter embedded an axe in his leg. He has killed others for much smaller slights.

I mean, they were both going to survive no matter what and they wanted a definitive winner this time to avoid the debacle of the og movie. So, the best they could do is have Kong surrender and not be a threat anymore?

Idk, this was definitely a let down of a movie and the contrived nature of Kong's survival is one of the smaller issues.
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SupremeDreams 2 y 10 mo 9 d
Why did Godzilla _____ Kong? (SPOILERS)
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I agree, I find some parts of this movie... Disappointing.