Why did Godzilla _____ Kong? (SPOILERS)

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Why did Godzilla spare Kong when he could have killed him?


UnusOf2029 1 y 5 mo 20 d
Why did Godzilla _____ Kong? (SPOILERS)
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So the movie industry could milk out Kong for more money-duh.
vonKonigsberg 1 y 5 mo 20 d
Why did Godzilla _____ Kong? (SPOILERS)
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Honestly, I don't think Godzilla would've spared Kong after the latter embedded an axe in his leg. He has killed others for much smaller slights.

I mean, they were both going to survive no matter what and they wanted a definitive winner this time to avoid the debacle of the og movie. So, the best they could do is have Kong surrender and not be a threat anymore?

Idk, this was definitely a let down of a movie and the contrived nature of Kong's survival is one of the smaller issues.
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SupremeDreams 1 y 5 mo 20 d
Why did Godzilla _____ Kong? (SPOILERS)
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I agree, I find some parts of this movie... Disappointing.
cw6334 1 y 5 mo 20 d
Why did Godzilla _____ Kong? (SPOILERS)
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Cause I don't think he saw King Kong as a threat to him or the people. Godzilla was described as the people's protector. King Kong wasn't trying to fight anyone but him so they were just fighting for dominance. Once Godzilla dislocated his shoulder and had him on the ground and then stomped on him he knew he had won. Godzilla knows he is king so he wants to make sure he was still on top. That is the only reason Godzilla kills Ghidorah, he was going to hurt people.