Dceu is ruined

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If you watched birds of prey they made zsasz and black mask gay zsasz is supposed to be someone who don't Care about Anyone he only cares about killing and black mask one of the most straight gangsters he is not even anything like the comics they made black canary black and let's not talk about Cassandra Cain she is not even a batgirl or a child assasin i hope they new batman movie Will save the awfull trash of now or they reboot everything


DeanDinosaur6 4 y 1 mo 17 d
Dceu is ruined
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I like Shazam, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Man of Steel. I thought Birds of Prey and BvS were alright. I hated Suicide Squad and Justice League.
BlotskyA 4 y 1 mo 17 d
Dceu is ruined
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BVS and Man of steel were good movies, Shazam looks fun, Justice League sucked, SUicide squad was BORING, Aquaman trailers were boring Although DanCo's Reactions were fun
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AkhilPDX 4 y 1 mo 17 d
Dceu is ruined
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You would love Shazam. It's amazing.