Favorite Actors/Actresses

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Who are your favorite actors/actresses?


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Favorite Actors/Actresses
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1. Keanu Reeves

He seems like a really nice, down-to-earth guy. Even though he's famous, he doesn't act like one of those flashy Hollywood types. His movies are just so much fun to watch. Who doesn't love The Matrix or Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure? He makes action films exciting. It's impressive how hard he works to really get into a role. I read he spent months training for The Matrix. You can tell he takes his acting seriously. He's not afraid to take on different types of roles, from comedies to dramas to sci-fi. It's cool to see an actor who isn't afraid to challenge himself. Even when the movies aren't that great, I still enjoy seeing him on screen. He has great screen presence and charisma.I respect that he seems to live a relatively private life and doesn't throw his fame around. He comes across as a pretty humble guy.

2. Tom Hanks

Tom hanks 's such a talented, versatile actor. He can do drama, comedy, action - he makes every role seem effortless.So many of his movies have become classics that I love rewatching, like Forrest Gump, Saving Private Ryan, Toy Story. He's part of so many beloved films. Even when movies don't work out so well, I'll still see them because he's in it. He has that movie star charisma. You can't help but root for him. He seems so likeable and, not pretentious at all for a mega star. His passion for acting is obvious - he makes the craft look effortless and really fun. I admire his dedication.

3. Denzel Washington

You can't take your eyes off him on screen. He chooses such a wide variety of complex, challenging roles across genres. Everything from drama to action to thriller. So many of his movies are iconic like Training Day, Malcolm X, Flight. He elevates any film he's in.The man has two Academy Awards but should have twice as many in my opinion because. He's that good.
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TH0R 2 y 6 mo 26 d
Favorite Actors/Actresses
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My Top 10 actors are as follow but no ranking all are best

1.Charlie Cox - Best Portrayel of Daredevil ever
2.Christian Bale. - Dark Knight Trilogy
3.Robert Downey Jr. - Iron Man
4.Jon Bernthal - Best portrayel of The Punisher
5.Joaquin Phoenix - The Joker
6.Henry Caveill - The Witcher, Superman
7.Tom Holland -Best Spider-man ever
8.Benedict Cumberbatch - Doctor Strange
9.Arnold Schwarzenegger -Terminator Franchise
10.Tom Hiddleston -Loki
11.Tom Cavanagh - As a villain Reverse Flash
12.Tom Ellis - Lucifer
13.Heath Ledger -Best villain of all time
14.Chris Hemsworth - Thor franchise
15.Vin Diesel -Fast and Furious franchise

A very special mention to Tony Leung, now I know why he's famous in East region

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Favorite Actors/Actresses
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My Top 20 Favorite Actors and Actress from Movies and TV Shows, This list is also in No Order
20. Stephen Amell - Arrow
19. Grant Gustin - The Flash
18. Kate Cassidy - Arrow
17. Chris Hemsworth - Thor Movies
16. Health Ledger - The Dark Knight and Patriot
15. Tom Hardy - The Dark Knight Rises and Venom
14. Michael Keaton - Batman 1989 and Batman Returns
13. Neal McDonough - Arrow/Legends of Tomorrow
12. Kirk Acevedo - Arrow/Dawn of The Planet of The Apes
11. Hugh Jackman - X-Men Movies
10. Halle Berry - X-Men Movies
9. Ben Affleck - Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice
8. Henry Cavill - Man of Steel/Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice
7. Josh Segarra - Arrow
6. Anne Hathaway - The Dark Knight Rises
5. Danielle Panabaker - The Flash
4. Tom Cavanagh - The Flash and Yogi Bear (2010)
3. Michael Shannon - Man of Steel
2. Candice Patton - The Flash
1. Christian Bale - The Dark Knight Trilogy
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