Which show Would You Rather Watch The Flash or Arrow?

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considering that 1 year ago Today, Arrow ended, I Though about which Show Would You Watch Flash or Arrow


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Which show Would You Rather Watch The Flash or Arrow?
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The Flash

Pros: Villains of the Week, Barry's Past, Flashpoint being 1 Episode, Cicada's Motivation, Music, etc

Cons: Ronnie Dying (Caitlin Snow is litterly on The Team, Ronnie would've been a Cool Addition to The Team), Barry taking off his cowl in the middle of a Street and yet No One Sees him, Zoom (He really wasn't done well), Never Using Flash's Iconic Enemies like Captain Cold, No Rogue Team up etc

Best Seasons (No Order) : Seasons 6, 1, 4, 5, 3

Worst Season: 2


Pros: Realistic, Flashbacks, Prometheus, League of Assassins, Deathstrke, Diaz, Prison Storyline, etc

Cons: Introducing Characters who are more funny and campy like Curtis, Felicity & Ray, Oliver Killing People because of the List, Moira Queen, Cops after Roy and Of Course Olicity

Best Seasons (No Order) : 3, 4, 5, 6 , 7 , 8

Average Seasons: 2

Worst Season: 1

Overall I Would Rather Watch The Flash, I Think The Flash has a Better Track Record, I Mean Arrow has More Characters who don't fit the Show at all like Ray, he fit more The Flash, Although after Researching Hawkman, I Did Learn that Hawkman & Atom are friends, and while I Like of introducing Atom into a Green Arrow show because of GA & Hawkman's Rivalry, I Think Ray should've been Way More Serious and less of the Felicity Character, Another thing is that The Flash is Comic Accurate and Arrow at times isn't like Season 4 for me feels the Most Comic Book Feeling and yes I Do NOT like Laurel's Death at all (It Should've been Felicity) because GA & Black Canary are a couple,