Who is the worst actor/actress in blockbuster movies?

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Who is the worst actor/actress and in which movie?


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Who is the worst actor/actress in blockbuster movies?
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An actress who I absolutely adore is Kathy Bates but I was absolutely disappointed with her performance in The Day The Earth Stood Still in 2008 and I understand it was a remake of a classic that was widely controversial of the time so the film was not received but that is usually an actress who brings her absolute best to the table and in that film, it was like she was sleep-walking and I understand that people have off performances and something could have been going on in her life but that would be one I would point out.

Oh also, I would like to point out Andrew Grey in Power Rangers Megaforce and Super Megaforce. He is the absolute worst, like even for a cheesy kids show it is just some terrible acting from the "model turned actor".
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Who is the worst actor/actress in blockbuster movies?
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The worst superhero castings I have ever seen I can list a few I despise the most.
Topher Grace as Eddie Brock/Venom (Spider-Man 3): While I like Grace in other media I have no why they casted him Venom considering he’s too small and not really well written and his character was just shoehorned into the film so that the movie just so the studio can make money. While the 2018 Venom flick isn’t the greatest, Tom Hardy is just a much better choice for the role than Topher.

Jessica Alba as Sue Storm/Invisible Woman (Fantastic Four (2005) and Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007)): Alba was pretty much casted for this role just cause of her beauty and her performance was just too wooden. Here’s hoping that Emily Blunt is still considering on playing the character in the MCU in 2023.
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Who is the worst actor/actress in blockbuster movies?
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Ben Affleck (As Daredevil in 2003 movie)
I've seen his best as Batman in DCEU
But I think his performance in Daredevil 2003 was like a worst nightmare

I even started hating Daredevil until Charlie Cox's Daredevil showed up
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