Favorite Tv Shows

Created by IMABATMAN42, 2 y 11 mo 8 d ago.

What's your favorite Tv Show, Anime, Cartoon, etc?


Oblivion 1 y 8 mo 23 d
Favorite Tv Shows
22 months member
Sopranos,The wire,Black mirror,two and a half men,chernobyl and GoT are my favorite ahows
Neon-genesis evangelion,full metal alchemist,Megami tensei are my favorite animes
Wall-e is my favorite cartoon
TheOne2001 1 y 8 mo 23 d
Favorite Tv Shows
25 months member
Walking dead.
Favorite Tv Shows
38 months member
M.A.S.H., my absolute favorite show. Second and third would have to be Downton Abbey and Victoria, in that order.
EmptyHand 1 y 8 mo 23 d
Favorite Tv Shows
27 months member
Stranger things
Marvel500 1 y 8 mo 23 d
Favorite Tv Shows
29 months member
I like the umbrella academy because it's funny and has a good storyline. I like the format it is put in and has great mystery.
Kimashik 1 y 8 mo 23 d
Favorite Tv Shows
20 months member
List of my favorite series:
1. Sherlock - love the plot, special effects, actors and completely everything
2. Doctor Who - this one is some kind of classic for me
3.Black mirror - love it! though for someone this can seem weird
4. Chernobyl - series about horrible accident that took away lot's of people's life
BTW, you can use to find some shows you cannot find somewhere else, and they always upload new series in time
Just in case you may need it :)