Superhero Movie or TV Shows that RUINED Heroes

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Write a Character that was Ruined in a DC or Marvel Movie or TV Show


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Superhero Movie or TV Shows that RUINED Heroes
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The MCU Films

Baron Zemo, in the Comics, Baron Zemo wants Revenge against Captain America after Captain America killed his Father, in the MCU, He Wants Revenge against The Avengers after The Sokovia Event,

Spider-Man, In the Comics, Spider-Man is said to be one of the Smarter Characters, in the MCU, Spider-Man is litterly Juvenile like He's immature while the Comics Spidey is Mature

The Hulk, in the Comics, Hulk is one of the Darker Heroes, Hulk is almost a Criminal like he causes havok & Chaos, He hurts People, He kills People and he's still a hero, in the MCU, Hulk is more Funny, more light hearted, see What I Mean

Thor, In the Comics, Thor is one of those types of Heroes who can Fight for Years, Weeks, Days, Centuries, and Even Decades, which means He's probably Smart in a Battle, yet what does the MCU Do, make him one of the dumbest Characters ever

There's More, but I'll stop my List here