Fixing Superhero Movie or TV Shows

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Tell us any Superhero Media that either Failed or were just Terrible and see how you can Fix it


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Fixing Superhero Movie or TV Shows
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The Flash (Just like Arrow, It's a Good Show but it has Problems)


Let's Start with Season 2

Ronnie did Not Die (Unlike how he did) and he and Caitlin are together, Barry feels responsible for The Singularity until a Person named Al Rothstein from Earth 2 who goes by The Name Atom-Smasher tells Barry someone named Zoom is after him, Then The Team meets Harry Wells, Then The Team meets Jay Garrick (The Real Jay Garrick), Then Barry rescues Jesse from Zoom but in the Process Zoom destroyed Him, Barry is later being Tortured by Zoom and then Zoom reveals himself as Hunter Zolomon, Etc
BlotskyA 4 mo 25 d
Fixing Superhero Movie or TV Shows
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The Arrowverse (While It's Awesome, it has it'd Problems)



Season 1

Here are the stuff I Would've Change
The Huntress (I Think She's a Great Addition on Arrow, it's just her Character was so Bad)
Oliver Killing People (I'll Address this)
Laurel becoming Black Canary
Thea (Who at the time was arguably The Worst Character Ever)

so anyways here is how I Would've change Season 1

So Oliver is Back in Star City, and He Becomes The Hood and starts becoming a Hero in the City, so when Laurel Meets The Hood, Oliver takes off his Hood and reveals It was him, Then Laurel becomes her Training and becomes a Part of Oliver's Team alongside Diggle at this Point, then Oliver meets Helena and adds her to the Group, eventually Laurel becomes The Black Canary, Helena becomes Huntress, then Oliver meets Barbara Gordon (NOT Felicity Smoak) and When He got shot accidentally, He needs her to his Secret Lair and get Medical Treatment, anyways Barbara, Helena & Laurel form The Birds of Prey who are members of Team Arrow,

Here is how I Would've Change Season 2 (ONLY The Outer Stuff like The Trial and all that stuff)

so Oliver returns home and doesn't feel happy after Merlyn destroyed it, so Oliver decides to become Green Arrow instead of the Hood, and Joins up with Quentin Lance and decides to reveal himself to him and Show him his Secret Base and Oliver takes The Name of Green Arrow, then Mirakuru testing Subjects Dominate the City making it harder for Oliver & His Team to protect, then they Meet Barry Allen (Who would later become The Flash), Anyways after The Particle Accelerator Exploded, Laurel gets her Canary Cry and Barry gets Struck by Lightning, Then The Team battles Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke and Defeat his Mirakuru Army

Season 4, I'm Only Changing One Aspect

So Oliver's Team meet Damien Darhk and then Darhk (Who killed Laurel) Kills Quentin Lance and Oliver failed to save him, this Led Ollie obviously Killing Darhk

Anyways What do you guys think?