The state of Star Wars

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Opinions on how you view Star Wars recently with the new movies and how they were before


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Tyrannus 2 y 1 mo 21 d
The state of Star Wars
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Everyone here's been quite respectful to each other and most of us actually agree with one another.
Your comment is part of the reason why I made this forum in the first place. The SJWs on the left branding anyone who didn't like the sequels as all toxic and attacking actors. None of us did that. All actors get attacked just like anyone who's known to the public would but the media made a big thing about anyone who attacked the left wing political message. And then people like yourself see this and repeat it without actually looking at the full context.
Star Wars is supposed to be the biggest franchise in the world. Its got fans who will watch anything they produce. But they alienated so many of their fans that they actually lost money on Solo. Ep.9 also received very poor numbers.
Go woke, get broke.
MaseTheFace 2 y 1 mo 21 d
The state of Star Wars
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Woke is racist now? 😃
And you spelled it wrong. tsk. You obviously don't know the real meaning of the word racist. So google it, and while your there learn how to spell it, Xx.
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masterking2 2 y 1 mo 21 d
The state of Star Wars
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