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Arrowverse Theories and Predictions

Created by BlotskyA, 16 d ago.

What are your theories and Predictions for Future Arrowverse shows


Arrowverse Theories and Predictions
1 year member
I Think Prometheus knew that Oliver was gonna die in Crisis, how do i know, well Talia said that Chase already learned much on Green Arrow and Since Chase was Prometheus during Flashpoint, it means that He Somehow knew Barry Was Never gonna die, but Oliver was
BlotskyA 16 d
Arrowverse Theories and Predictions
1 year member
My Theory is that when Flash Created Flashpoint, He created a but ton of Villains espically for Green Arrow and himself and Changed Everything
. Prometheus
. Ricardo Diaz
. Emiko Queen
. Devoe
. Top
. Scudder
. Josslyn Jackam
. Batman left gotham
. Ressurrected Vince
. Gave Sonus the Vertigo Abilites
. Gave Ramsey Hlh