(SPOILERS!!!) Thor Love And Thunder Reviews

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ForJustice1324 11 mo 20 d
(SPOILERS!!!) Thor Love And Thunder Reviews
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To be honest I think it's a fun Marvel movie and had a great time watching it. Yes the film can be zanny in some parts but it's not without it's serious moments too like Jane battling cancer or Gorr's tragic backstory. Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, and Christian Bale all stole the show in this film in terms of performance wise and in my opinion Taika Waititi did a much better job establishing Thor and Jane's relationship than the first two films. The only thing big critique I have is the film's short runtime which suprisingly is like an hour and fifty minutes which is shorter than Ragnarok I think the film should've been a little longer just so we could more scenes like with Gorr. But still I enjoyed this movie which is why I give it a 7/10.
Ezio 1 y 11 d
(SPOILERS!!!) Thor Love And Thunder Reviews
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That would be a better Zeus.
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(SPOILERS!!!) Thor Love And Thunder Reviews
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It also would have been a better set up for Hercules who gets jealous of how Zeus helped Thor more than his own son