(SPOILERS!!!) Spider-Man: No Way Home Reviews

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Galactus 1 y 8 mo 19 d
(SPOILERS!!!) Spider-Man: No Way Home Reviews
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I've seen it last Sunday.
It was a very entertaining movie. I gave it a 7.8/10.

A few things, though;
Doctor Strange can outsmart Dormammu, but he gets distracted by a kid (Peter) talking? (While doing a spell)
Strange gets trapped in his own mirror universe by simple math. And Peter's webbing. Webbing... really?
All villains are good guys for no reason (temporarily).

I did really like Doc Oc and Goblin returning. Somehow I cared less for Tobey and Andrew. The tiny battle, however, showed Tobey Spider-Man > Andrew Spider-Man.

Overall; very entertaining. Spider-Man 2 is still the best Spider-Man movie.
Ezio 1 y 11 mo 9 d
(SPOILERS!!!) Spider-Man: No Way Home Reviews
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Everything has been sacrificed to nostalgia.
Poe 2 y 1 mo 4 d
(SPOILERS!!!) Spider-Man: No Way Home Reviews
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Just saying sense marvel lifted the spoiler ban we should to tbh