Ops on Venom 2?

Created by wade, 2 y 9 mo 14 d ago.

I'm still going crazy over the post-credit scene :p


cw6334 2 y 9 mo 14 d
Ops on Venom 2?
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I personally was disappointed and kind of expected to be. I said to myself before this film that I don't like the buddy cop dynamic between Venom and Eddie and it is like the main focal point for the film. I think some of the jokes landed here and there and it would get a chuckle out of me here and there but otherwise, I just felt it was cringy for me personally. I know a lot of people love it so I can understand why you would like this film if you liked the first one. I just felt like Carnage felt like a complete B plot sprinkled in this movie just to have his name on it. But there was some awesome stuff whenever Carnage and Venom were on screen I was really into it so overall I would just give this an average 6/10 for me.
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wade 2 y 9 mo 13 d
Ops on Venom 2?
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I would change the opening scene for the movie, that was the worst imo. I really think it would have been ore enjoyable if t maybe had an R rating, not really James Gunn's The Suicide Squad R, but just as in more suspense. I thought they perfected Cletus's origin in that awesome drawing animation. It definitely could have been better, but I really enjoyed it.
Poe 2 y 9 mo 14 d
Ops on Venom 2?
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Really liked it