Thoughts on Snyder Cut (Spoilers)

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This is a discussion of your reaction after watching the Snyder Cut of Justice League. Please hide your spoilers while discussing.


ForJustice1324 2 y 13 d
Thoughts on Snyder Cut (Spoilers)
51 months member
Pretty good and better than the theatrical version I will say but it’s far from perfect. I give the film a 7.9/10 because there’s a lot to like with this movie such as the fact that each member of the team has equal amount of screen time, the villain Steppenwolf is also giving more backstory, and there’s a great music track thanks to Junkie XL and Hans Zimmer. The scenes with Darkseid were great as he was needed to introduce Apokolips and the post credit Knightmare scene also helped fix up the plot holes in Batman v Superman. However the Snyder Cut isn’t without it’s issues which includes it’s long running time and scenes that didn’t need to be in the film like the ones involving Martian Manhunter whose a character that was wasted and was just there.
Ezio 2 y 5 mo 15 d
Thoughts on Snyder Cut (Spoilers)
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In my piont of view, The things that improved on the original version were the cyborg and wonder woman story and a bit of flash. The story of Aquaman and Superman was still very vague. I do not know how many films the original justice league was supposed to have, but if these stories could not be made in 4 hours, the first film that Zack Snyder was making was also not interesting.
cw6334 2 y 5 mo 15 d
Thoughts on Snyder Cut (Spoilers)
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Here is what I have to say about the Snyder cut. I watched it again over the weekend and I was having some trouble figuring out why I didn't like it as much as others did. The whole reason I was watching it again to see if I would give it higher than a 7/10 like I did the first time. I think I figured out what it is, while in turn most of this movie was 'set-up' for how characters would come together, and such I still thought it was missing that little something. The set-up from earlier movies because the characters I cared about the most were Wonder Woman and Superman. I think it was because I was so rushed into this big storyline by WB and I am surprised Zack Snyder pulled off even what he was able to here. I wish I could've gotten a lead-up Batman and Flash film and even Aquaman. I think Cyborg got enough attention in this movie to like him more. I wish I could have seen this version in theatres vs the Whedon one because it is MILES better. Overall I enjoyed it but I was just missing that something, excited to see where the rest of these storylines go.