The MCU is Overrated

Created by ThorMathews, 3 y 2 mo 27 d ago.

Who else agrees?


vcowles77 2 y 10 mo 26 d
The MCU is Overrated
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It is gonna take a while for the DCEU universe to develop.
Galactus 2 y 10 mo 27 d
The MCU is Overrated
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Overrated compared to what? It must be compared to the same genre.
What are your higher rated comic movie franchises? Since that's the genre we're talking about.
Is the DCEU better than the MCU? Some movies within the DCEU do surpass some MCU movies. But overall I would say the MCU is better as a whole than the DCEU.

So, no. I do not agree.

Compare the MCU and DC movies to general movies, I think DC did a better job, The Dark Knight is one of the best all time movies. It trumps all MCU movies.
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Savage 2 y 10 mo 27 d
The MCU is Overrated
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I think if you compare Marvel to DC movies overall Marvel would still have more in say, the top 10