DCEU's What If..

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idk what to say for description


Superguy251 2 y 28 d
DCEU's What If..
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What if Darkseid came earlier?
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Thunder_God 2 y 1 mo 43 m
DCEU's What If..
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What If superman never got resurected in time in Justice League?
What If Wonder Women died in Batman v Superman and was the one who got resurected?
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sonyablade 2 y 29 d
DCEU's What If..
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If Superman never got resurrected in time, are you implying that he might get resurrected but later than convenient? If so, all the heroes would have pushed their limits against Steppenwolf and there would have been a much hotter action scene than Clark's punches.

And I have just considered it beig Wonder Woman's death instead of Superman's This is how I think it would go down. Batman would not resurrect her because he was not as atounded of her power as he was of Clark's. Instead, she would come back to life in som other way...Idk. Maybe that would have been the perfect time for a Wonder Woman movie based on the present day to be made? They could have woven an interesting storyline which would connect with Darkseid and then sequentially lead to a JL movie.