Resident Evil (2022 - )

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Anything about the series.

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Resident Evil (2022 - )
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I've seen the whole season. Although I'm not that big into the RE lore, I still don't know what the real point was of this series. A 'zombie' outbreak that need to be cured, again. For the 100th millionth time.
The main character was extremely selfish, self-absorbed and narcissistic. Although this has been mentioned a few times in the series, it goes way beyond that. Even when she's just 14, all she does is care about herself. She doesn't act 14 at all as well.

Lance Reddick is great as always. Liked his acting in his different roles.
I also did like the giant mutant caterpillar. And Evelyn Marcus was a fun character, although a bit simple.

Overall; meh.
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