Why Superman vs Goku doesn't work

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Superman and Goku fight too often, when the battle has some obvious flaws. Here are those flaws.


Micahiel 17 d
Why Superman vs Goku doesn't work
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Superman vs Goku has always been one of the most requested topics for me to cover in my FaceBook group. I will start by pointing out Base form Goku has no chance against Base form Superman as Base form Goku has drown, lost due to lack of experience, been punched unconscious etc. Many of Goku's attacks are things like Solar Flare, Sun Bomb etc. These have been referred to as plasma energy attacks which are the same energy used in the sun. For most of them they would if anything power Superman's Kryptonian cells. Now I believe if Goku started the fight in his max Saiyan form then Superman would have no chance however it is rare for him to be in that form. In base form Superman would see Goku's cells changing and charging with energy and he would not give him the time to make those transformations. It would not be a quick win in any case but Base form vs Base form and Superman would come out on top.
G6M 17 d
Why Superman vs Goku doesn't work
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I agree