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L and Light vs Batman in terms of detective skills

Created by sonyablade, 1 y 7 mo 11 h 39 m ago.

Incident 1: They are asked to track down the most elusive and scretive villain.
Batman does not have Alfred, but he has his tools.
Light does not have the Shinigami Eyes or Misa Amane.
They are placed in a place that neither of them is familiar with and are given 1 month to track down someone with no official records, no public appearance, and absolutely no leads at all aside from the fact that they are super smart.

Incident 2: Batman is in the Death Note universe, without Alfred, and is tasked with tracking down Kira.

Incident 3: Light and L are in Gotham, Light does not have the Shinigami eyes, and they are tasked with discovering the true identities and personal information of The 3 Jokers

So like, please comment if ou are well versed with both universes (Death Note and DC; particularly Batman, and you are aware of the three Jokers and stuff)

Who would win in each of the circumstances? (I put L with Light since Batman has his gear; but not Alfred)


ViciousViper 1 y 6 mo 27 d
L and Light vs Batman in terms of detective skills
66 months member
Incident 1: Batman wins. If he has his tools with him, that gives him an upper hand. He already arguably has more time in the field than L an Light. This job wold also require movement an sneaking into places; L and Light are not cut out for that. Plus techology is more diligent than humans. L and Light would still manage to find the villain, but only after months of dead ends. They would then fail to produce much substantial evidence that they have the real guy.

Incident 2: Batman will fail to catch Kira. With the three jokers, we saw how Batman is only a moderate detective when he has not eventhe slightest lead. Their identities might forever elude him. One reason why is that they lack any fingerprints and that makes them remote to any offical records. Kira kills random peoplle supernaturally without the need to move places and evenn controls their deaths. Batman would be more focused on finding Kira by investigating their causes of death which widely vary, because that is what Gotham has bred in him. He would imagine it is the work of a criminnal like Red Hood which is not a far stretch from Light's character, but will lead him into investigating irrelevant details. He also would not consider the fact that Kira has multiple identities.

Incidet 3: L and Light will successfully identify the three jokers. We have already seen how fluidly L zeroed down on Misa and Light as Kira with absolutely NO lead.In fact, he knew that they were Kira What he didn't know was how to prove it. Because of the mind wipe. Combined with Light's cunning, they would be able to outsamrt the Jokers. Light has been an elusive criminal himself and he is apt at manipulating situations based on a whim and on past mistakes. L would catch them easily, Light with L would prov their find.
SSpiderGwen 1 y 7 mo 6 h 47 m
L and Light vs Batman in terms of detective skills
26 months member
Batman is the better detective. Death Note is anime. Anime always likes to make things up. In Naruto Shipudden. Now kakashi has an mangkenyo sharigan. I wanted to say if he's always had that with him. Why didn't we see these eyes when he was in the show when Naruto was a kid. But of course anime has to make up things. They couldn't plan ahead.
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