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Marvel VS DC: Leveled Battles

Created by AkhilPDX, 3 y 9 mo 21 d ago.

This is a Marvel VS DC Forum, however, I'm separating the battles into chunks: Street-Level, Mid-Level, Herald-Level, Skyfathers, Abstracts, and Nigh-Omnipotents. Hopefully it isn't a tie, if it is by Marvel winning 3 and DC winning 3, then I'll make a tie-breaker round.


MakeMineMarvel 3 y 9 mo 19 d
Marvel VS DC: Leveled Battles
8+ year member
A most noteworthy concept you have!
AkhilPDX 3 y 9 mo 20 d
Marvel VS DC: Leveled Battles
74 months member
36.5K - Street Level Battle