Hypothetical Combos

Created by Alien_X, 2 y 5 mo 12 d ago.

Combine different characters and describe them. People respond with how powerful they would be.

Ex: Gamma mutant Kryptonian. They've got the limitless strength and regeneration of the Hulk, the speed and intellect of Superman, and basically the combined might of both.

Response: More powerful than Thor and the Silver Surfer, can stand toe-to-toe with Thanos.


BlotskyA 2 y 19 d
Hypothetical Combos
57 months member
Space Punisher Hulk and Superboy-Prime Fusion
Alien_X 2 y 19 d
Hypothetical Combos
48 months member
Gogeta and Vegito fusion.
Case 1: Fusion by Potara
Gogito, defuses in less than one minute because of the power but insanely powerful. Potentially use UI and UE at once? Will toy with opponent a bit but not really. Against serious threats, will one-shot if necessary.

Case 2: Metamoran fusion
Vegitta, defuses in five minutes, less powerful. Probably can't use both UI and UE because that's incompatible. SSBEKK is okay though. Slightly more cocky and may waste a bit of time but will get the job done.

Both will be Angel tier, maybe beyond.
GravityMan5 2 y 1 mo 5 d
Hypothetical Combos
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SCP-096 + Lang Rangler
Man who knows when and where you've seen his face, is very hostile once that happens, and can spit on you to delete your gravity.