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16 Man 1v1 Special item tournament

Created by Kanine88, 3 y 9 mo 2 d ago.

Anybody ready for another tournament?
sorry its been so long, works been crazy, 50+ hours a week lol.
But back to business, 12 single entrants, each wielding either an Infinity Stone, or a Lantern Ring.

So far ive got:

Scarecrow w/ Yellow Lantern Ring
Mysterio w/ Reality Stone
Carnage w/ Red Lantern Ring
Gorilla Grodd w/ Mind Stone
Captain America w/ Blue Lantern Ring
Mandarin w/ Orange Lantern Ring
Nightcrawler w/ Space Stone
Bane w/ Power Stone
Joker w/ Green Lantern Ring
Spiderman w/ Soul Stone
Mr. Fantastic w/ Purple Lantern
Deadpool w/ Pink Lantern.

Im up for ideas and any edits if anyones offering any substitutions.
Hit me with it yall.


Dark_Wing 3 y 8 mo 28 d
16 Man 1v1 Special item tournament
53 months member
Anakin Skywalker backed by a Red Lantern ring (his rage after losing e everything at the hands of Kenobi in RotS, his rage at the Jedi Order for holding him back, plus for all he knew Padme brought Kenobi to Mustafar to kill him all of these facts give him more than enough reason to be a Red Lantern)

Juggernaut Orange Lantern (Cain's lust for power is what turned him into the Juggernaut to begin with)

Jason Todd with a Yellow Lantern ring (Jason is known his fear tactics which would be plus a Yellow Lantern ring world be perfect)

Batman with Green Lantern (Batman's willpower is stated to be Green Lantern level and he's wielded a Green Lantern ring on multiple occasions)

Jean Grey backed by a White Lantern ring (the Life Entity and the Phoenix Force are both nexuses of life energy)

Luke Skywalker backed by a Blue Lantern ring (Luke's entire journey was lead by hope, his hope that Vader could be redeemed, his hope that the rebels could defeat the empire, his hope that the Jedi Order could be rebuilt would earn him the rank of a Blue Lantern)

Starfire with pink lantern ring (need I go over this)

I don't really know who to give the Purple Lantern ring to

Adam Warlock with the Power Stone (any infinity stone world work for Warlock)

Wanda Maximoff with the Reality Stone (Wanda is a pretty powerful reality warper which would go well with the Reality Stone)

Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze) the Soul Stone (do I need to go over this?)

Emma Frost with the Mind Stone (omega level telepath back by a piece of Nemesis = perfect mix)

Nightcrawler with Space Stone (why not)

Dr Strange with time stone (just like the MCU)
TheNemianLion 3 y 9 mo 6 h 6 m
16 Man 1v1 Special item tournament
73 months member
Anarchist - Yellow Lantern Ring
Ultravox - Reality Gem
Lionman - Red Lantern Ring
Luna Master - Mind Gem
Meltdown - Blue Lantern Ring
Cosmosus - Space Gem
Exodius - Orange Lantern Ring
Tyrannisus - Power Gem
Rapid - Green Lantern Ring
Witch Doctor - Soul Gem
Petrinos - Indigo Lantern Ring
Gleam - Star Sapphire Ring
LordTracer 3 y 9 mo 1 d
16 Man 1v1 Special item tournament
70 months member
Frieza - Yellow Lantern Ring
Dormammu - Reality Gem
The Hard-to-Destroy Reptile - Red Lantern Ring
Grand Master Luke - Mind Gem
Pre-Crisis Superman - Blue Lantern Ring
Shockwave - Space Gem
Champa - Orange Lantern Ring
Samus Aran - Power Gem
Vegeta - Green Lantern Ring
Janemba - Soul Gem
Chaos King - Indigo Lantern Ring
Gardevoir - Star Sapphire Ring