Plot Manipulation vs Fate Manipulation

Created by RajinKabir, 2 y 9 mo 20 d ago.

I am confused between these sometimes. Some times I feel they are same. But most of the times I think they are different. If they are different which I think they are Share your opinion here on which is better. Also if you think think they are same then explain why.


humanmale 2 y 9 mo 18 d
Plot Manipulation vs Fate Manipulation
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Plot Manipulation is a meta ability, while Fate Manipulation is constrained to inside whatever universe it's in. Fate Manipulation is basically controlling the future regarding yourself but in a way, you're still under the control of the plot. Plot Manipulation lets you break free from the plot, meaning you decide what happens to you in the meta world which then affects the in-universe world.
RajinKabir 2 y 9 mo 20 d
Plot Manipulation vs Fate Manipulation
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Well my opinion on these is when a writer writes a story a character in that story has fate manipulation. So he can manipulate his fate in that story. But his fate manipulation exists within the story. And there is plot manipulation. It manipulates the story itself. I thing a character can manipulate the plot to remove another character's fate manipulation and the fate manipulation can't undo that. To sum up plot manipulation highest form of manipulation of any kind. If anyone has some different idea about this then let me know.