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Sun Wukong vs Fiction

Created by Affan, 1 y 10 mo 9 d ago.

In this topic I am wanting to debunk that Sun Wukong can solo fiction since a Hindi youtuber told me and also I want to know that can sun wukong really can defeat pre recton beyonder , feathrine, scarlet king, kami tenchi , azaoth , milkman superman even in team! And even all other fictional verses as well because of being in the nirvan state which makes him beyond dimension , space , time , reality , fiction, even non fiction, void , life ,death and even all concepts of existence like nothing ???How is that even believable can anyone explain this how and why and is it debunkable?????


SuperSomebody 1 y 10 mo 8 d
Sun Wukong vs Fiction
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vonKonigsberg 1 y 10 mo 8 d
Sun Wukong vs Fiction
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He most certainly cannot take on infinite beings, so Azathoth is out. The Buddha humbled him pretty hard, iirc.

He is crazy strong for a mythological character, but he is most certainly not invincible. He can't technically die, but he can be beaten, as again shown by the Buddha who imprisoned him under a mountain, which would also seem to suggest his strength is not anywhere near infinite.

So, imo, while he may not be able to be killed, he most certainly can't beat most of those characters in a straight on fight.