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Superman vs Hulk but its realistic

Created by Kal_Fn, 1 y 7 mo 20 d ago.

Imagine if we chose the closest person to superman and closest person to hulk and make them fight together in an arena it would be like this:
Well, He trained hard since he was a kid to become the best fighter in the world, He hardly trained in guns, Hand to hand combat, Martial arts, But mostly trained in hand to hand combat which made him the strongest man and most feared in the world, He is in war since he was kid kill anyone who tries to challenge him, He spent most of his life in war and has very strong charisma and motivation that made him who he is today.

The most muscular man in the world, Has the ability to carry heavy things and do extremely strong punches, Just like superman he spent most of his life training, but he's weaker than superman in hand to hand combat and martial arts and gun carrying, He's in war fighting only using heavy guns, Also has very strong charisma and motivation but not like superman.

If we put realistic superman as mentioned before and realistic hulk in an arena who would win?
Edit:Both are bloodlusted and none can use guns


sonyablade 1 y 7 mo 13 d
Superman vs Hulk but its realistic
75 months member
If superman is smaller and is a highly proficient martial artist in this reality, he would defeat Hulk.
Galactus 1 y 7 mo 14 d
Superman vs Hulk but its realistic
8+ year member
"He hardly trained in guns, Hand to hand combat, Martial arts, But mostly trained in hand to hand "
Did or didn't he train in Hand to Hand combat?
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Kal_Fn 1 y 7 mo 13 d
Superman vs Hulk but its realistic
20 months member
He trained in hand to hand combat, Mastering three of the skills, Also he gained himself alot of muscles in order to carry guns and perfom good punches.
Sorry if this thread was stupid, it was just a thought on what is the closest we can have to superheroes in modern days, If in the future they introduce nanomachines that makes someone powerful.
Edit:He trained in hand to hand combat but he is better in hand to hand combat than martial arts and guns.
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Doctor_Manhattan 1 y 7 mo 14 d
Superman vs Hulk but its realistic
20 months member
No matter how aggressive the Hulk is against Superman in a match like the UFC, he will be destroyed to death.
Thunder_God 1 y 7 mo 15 d
Superman vs Hulk but its realistic
19 months member
I will only be listing feats from their original earth forms like Earth 616 Hulk and Prime Earth Superman.
All information is backed up on comic books and comic book related sources.
Read through for better understanding and reasoning and let me know if I messed a few things for both characters.

Hulk is physically stronger than Superman and plus Hulk's physical strength is charged up by his anger so, if hulk were to get really mad he could easily overpowers superman in strength, durability, and power. Superman would on have his superpowers like heat-vision, x-ray vision, super speed, cryogenic breath, super breath, and combat skills to rely on. Even without being angry he still stronger than superman as he once held up a celestial. The celestial he had to carry was Exitar the Exterminator and with one foot step alone he could destroy one world. So, hulk being able to do this is incredible. Keep in mind that would make Hulk a universal threat technically. Hulk also has a lot of resistance and like superman hulk is existence erasure resistant. The Hulk is capable to withstand high caliber bullets, powerful energy blasts, pressures extremes, falls from orbital heights, maximized heat without blistering, maximized cold without freezing, and also massive impacts. The Hulk has withstood several times the impact of ground zero nuclear explosions, the Human Torch's Nova Blast, with a maximum temperature of one million degrees Fahrenheit, and also the crushing pressures of 100Gs without suffering damage or harm. Hulk in the comics was even able to beat Pietro when he was controlled by a god giving him speed 3x plus more then the speed of light. This puts from the comics at least a high universal power level or arguably a medium one.

Superman was able to remove the high-fathers staff out of the source wall meaning Superman managed to pull out the staff from a wall that had trapped old and new gods alike for generations! As a teen, he holds a Neutron Star weighing trillions of tons, and having a magnetic pull greater than 12 Supernovas, then, tosses the star a billion light years away with a single throw. Shows great strength, and durability. Superman can fly trillions of miles in seconds. Tanks the energies of the Big Bang and destroys a machine that was also tanking the Big Bang. Showing Universal durability, and universal strength. Superman managed to hurt/tank Mordru. A 30th century wizard who is universal.

Hulk's Powers and Abilities: Gamma Radiation Physiology, Transformation, Unlimited Strength(Super Strength), Superhuman Leaping, Superhuman Strength Utilizations, Superhuman Stamina, Dynamic Durability, Self-Regeneration, Disease Immunity, Decelerated Aging, Body Part Autonomy(can control his body parts individually), Retroactive Immortality(He can't permanently die), Superhuman Speed, Reactive Adaptation( can easily adapt to natural things and other atmospheres), Underwater Breathing, Telepathy Resistance, Extrasensory Perception, Longevity, Homing Ability, Master Combatant, and Gamma Radiation/Energy Manipulation and Emission.

Superman Powers and Abilities: Kryptonian Physiology, Solar Energy Absorption, Cosmic Energy Absorption, Superhuman Strength, Soul Energy Absorption, Shock Wave Projection, Superhuman Speed, Molecular Acceleration, Phasing, Time Travel, Vortex Creations, Superhuman Agility, Superhuman Reflexes, Superhuman Stamina, Superhuman Senses, Super-Hearing, Super-Vision, Electromagnetic Spectrum Vision, Infrared Vision, Microscopic Vision, Telescopic Vision, X-Ray Vision, Flight, Heat Vision, Super Flare(Can store all his absorbed solar energy into his heat vision), Interstellar Travel, Invulnerability, Longevity, Soul Absorption, Super-Breath, Self-Sustenance, Master Martial Artist, Intelligence, Indomitable Will, Leadership, Multilingualism, and Chi Manipulation.

All in all Hulk(Earth 616) vs Superman(Prime Earth) would be a win to Hulk. Considering that Hulk can't die permanently because of how Superman can absorb soul energy and souls. Before anyone says Superman can't do that, he can and that is actually how he defeated Eradicator(Read the comics for proof or just search it up on a valuable website with backed up evidence like pictures or whatever).
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Guest 1 y 7 mo 19 d
Superman vs Hulk but its realistic
21 months member
I personally would say that Hulk would take the win in this battle.
SuperSomebody 1 y 7 mo 20 d
Superman vs Hulk but its realistic
23 months member
MaseTheFace 1 y 7 mo 20 d
Superman vs Hulk but its realistic
23 months member
Superman because he's better than Hulk in every way.
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brucewayne123 1 y 7 mo 15 d
Superman vs Hulk but its realistic
21 months member