Superhero / Supervillain Battle Stories

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You guys get to write a story about superheroes or villains fighting from any universe of your choice. Whether it's Marvel VS DC, or OC's fighting each other, or a Friday the 13th Universe character fighting a character from a kid's show, or MCU Characters fighting DCEU, or Halo VS Power Rangers, or Lab Rats VS Word Girl, or TF2 VS Overwatch, or the Witherstrom from Minecraft Story Mode VS Godzilla! This is your choice, and your creativity comes to life. Please write an explanation for why a specific character won. Team Battles are allowed, please be nice to each other, respect each other's opinions, and have fun! You are allowed to disagree but be nice!


Superhero / Supervillain Battle Stories
Flash VS Superman rematch

They will be fighting on a deserted planet lts say earth X.

They start of about 30 metres away from each other when the battle begins and flash goes straight to superman and taps him as he runs past, Superman goes to follow him but he realises that he cannot move. Flash circles around the planet going as fast as he can pulling dirt up behind him blinding the man of steal and every time he passes he keeps stealing superman's speed boosting him even more. He briefly enters the speed force for an extra speed boost comes out the opposite side of the globe circles round and punches superman with a fully loaded infinite mass punch which sends him out into orbit.

1 hour later

Superman blasts black to earth X and attempts to attach flash but flash quickly reacts and sends the man of steel into the speed force.

Flash wins!!!
ManofPower 1 y 9 mo 15 d
Superhero / Supervillain Battle Stories
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Star Storms vs Superman
Stan was flying near the city of metropolis when suddenly a beast emerged from the shadows . It turned out to be Doomsday . Star Storms starting fighting doomsday and shot him up into the sky and destroyed his molecules . Superman was this and said to hhimslef "I've seen power like this before and it never turns out good" Hey you . Stan : What . Superman : You and I need to talk . Star : About what blue boy . Back away and you won't get hurt . Superman: and that's where your wrong .......FIGHT Shoes punches storms through the daily planet and they start off fighting there . Storms punches shoes in the gut and does a headbutt . He punches Shoes through the daily planet once again and shows no mercy . Super grabs his punches and starts giving his own . He punched Storms up in the air and smashed him to the ground . Superman : You done yet . Storms : *,spits out blood* Not a chance . He punches superman back and forth with incalculable speed . He punches left right back forward ! He then shouts the words :METEORITE!! And hit super with a meteorite punch . Supes is knocked out . Storms : Nice Fight . Understand that you'll never be on my level dude . And he flies off
AkhilPDX 1 y 9 mo 17 d
Superhero / Supervillain Battle Stories
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Joker and Harley Quinn (DC) VS Spy and Scout (TF2)