Who can defeat SCP-3812

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Who can defeat him?


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Who can defeat SCP-3812
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there are many beings that can defeat SCP-3812/Sam Howell of the SCP-Foundation, I'll just index/list a few of them as the list could be long.

1. The Divine Creator (J. M. DeMatteis Marvel Cosmology)
2. The White Light ( Transrealist)
3. The Amaranth/Godhead (Elder scrolls lore)
4. God/The Ein Sof (Unsong)
5. Azathoth (H.P. Lovecraft Universe)
6.One above all/One below all (Marvel Comics Gestalt supreme being)
7.Eru Iluvatar (Tolkienverse)
8 The Great Will ( Shin Megami Tensei)
9. The Majestic Presence ( I/O Revision II)
10. The Creator ( Umineko When They Cry)
11. The Emperor Beyond The Sea (The Chronicles Of Narnia)
12. Anu (Elder scrolls lore)
13. Kami tenchi (Tenchi Muyo)
14. Gan/The Other (Dark Tower)
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Who can defeat SCP-3812
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Who can defeat SCP-3812
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The White Light, Undoubtedly first, Mathiverse, God Unsong, Jehovah (WoD), Buddha (WoD), Bondye (WoD), The Weaver (WoD), Goddess of Manifold, Downstreamers and Meme Characters
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